visitor visa extension processing delay


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Hello and Thank you to anyone who is reading this entry.
We are currently waiting on the decision for Visitor visa extension application of my parents.

The following are the relevant dates to our application:

    US arrival: Aug 17, 2014
    Ext. Application mailed on: Dec 05, 2014

    I-94 validity: Feb 16, 2015

    Extension requested until: Aug 10, 2015

    USCIS received our application on: December 15, 2014

    Unfortunately Parents went back to India on : 05/15/2015


Still we are waiting for the response of visa extension application. Right now parents are planning to travel back to USA on coming October 2015. My question is, before getting any response can our parents travel back to USA again? Or do we need to wait until get a response back from USCIS?



Thank you in advance!



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