H1B transfer Scenarios from Multiple Employers - Safe Mode


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I m on H1B with comp A (I797 A approved till 2017) and I am moving to comp B.  My wife is on H4 .. no Gc applied....


comp A -- last day ---Aug 7th 2015--- last day of 2 weeks notice

comp B -- joining date Aug 10th 2015


In this 2 week notice comp B applied for LCA and H1b transfer (not PP). My fedex has been received by USCIS but I have not received any receipt number as of today Aug 6th 2015

(I know this is not the safe option but with comp A lay off is happening and I was not in a situation to negotiate with comp B so I have to move with comp B without approval or receipt number)


Please let me know in this scenario what will be a good option for me? below are some of scenario which I can think of right now but my mind is blocked....you can tell the best from below or can also provide me some other opinion... please ....


1) should I apply for one more transfer from comp A to comp C (if I get any comp C on friday itself who can file H1B for its internal project (as it is very difficult to find a job in 1 day and for that we need lca approval etc) ) ??


2) I should join comp B and start looking for one more H1B transfer with  comp D- a new employer and a job (no internal project) but in this case I will not be having any approved I797 of compB... will compA I797 will work after Friday for transfer and if yes till what time I can use it for transfer (1 week , 2 week or more )??


3) I start work for comp B and if I receive RFE, then I should move to some other company E but on what grounds comp E will initiate my H1B transfer --- I don't have any new I797 A approved.  In this case too can I use comp A I797??


4) Can I apply for F1 transfer but this will also take some time and for this too  I need to be in status ..... in case of scenario 3 (RFE), can I apply for F1 but will it get approved , which I797 I need to submit ??


5) Should I apply for H1 to B2 to maintain status and then will I be able to switch from B2 to H1 in USA, will uscis accept this petition...this is also risky....


6) the worst I can think of right now : as I goggled, I found out today that if I have not received the receipt number or the cheque is not en-cashed it can also happen that the info is not entered in uscis system and which can lead to more problem...they can reject the application and I will be "out of status"......... what option does I have, if something happen like this... i m nt expecting to get the receipt number by tomm as my employer told me there is lot of load/work going in USCIS ... what I can do in this case???


I want to stay in USA... please let me know the best option...


Thanks for reading and any feedback is appreciated ...

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