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Application Filed: 05 May 2015

Processing Type: regular

USCIS Received Date: 07 May 2015

Application Status: Request for Additional Evidence Notice Was Mailed

Graduation Date: 23rd May 2015

Student status F-1

I received an email for RFE and I went through my application again and came to know that the DSO opt recommendations are missing and opt start and end dates are missing on my opt I-20. Basically the Page 3 of my I-20 has no OPT information on it. My application was filed within 30 days of applying for OPT. I do not know how the DSO missed this when she signed the I-20 for OPT. I do not have an I-20 with the DSO recommendations and start and end date. 90 days have elapsed since I filed for OPT. I called the DSO an she tried generating another I-20 but the I-20 had issue date of 31st July 2015 and did not have a bar code however, the start date and end date for opt where the same that is 15th June 2015-14th June 2015 on it. She told me to wait till you get an RFE and then we will act upon it. I think the RFE is because of the I-20. I read that the new I-20 should have an issue date of 30 days within filling of OPT. I have already lost 1 job offer and I think I am on the verge of getting my OPT denied and being out of status. Please advise what are my options and how can this be rectified.

Any advice will be helpful :).

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