H-1B EAD vs Spouse based GC EAD


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Hello ,


I am currently in the process of applying for the GC through two channels; one is through my employer and the second one is a family(spouse) based GC. 


With the employment based GC, my I-140 is under processing and with my Family Based GC, I have sent the paperwork for 1-130, 1-765, I-485. I have received a notice for finger printing too. 


My questions are;


1. If/when I get my EAD through the spouse based filing, can I still work on my current H-1B? 

2. I am planning to fly out of the country in December and I am expecting to have my GC in hand by then, can I travel on GC while keeping my H-1B active when I come back and continue to work on it? 


My plan is to keep working on H-1B and continue that process for GC until the temporary status is removed from my Family Based GC. 


I would really appreciate if someone can shed some light on this. 





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JoeF ,


Thanks for the reply. This might be a dumb question, please excuse me; Can I travel out of the country on my GC and still resume work on H-1B after I am back in the US?


Once you have the GC, you are a Permanent Resident. There is no H1 for PRs. With a GC, you can work anywhere.

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