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i changed from H1B to H4 by travelling out of country and getting a H4 stamp.

While i was on H1B , there was a site visit/Labor audit (Im not sure, the employer didnot mention exactly).I changed project at that time but only LCA was filed , no H1B amendment happened , after that i travelled and came back on H4 , my employer revoked my H1B (thats what he says), should i still worry about the old H1B , since i travelled out and im on a new status. Will it effect any future visa applications...



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Thank you.


The status stills shows as Approved.(the employer mentioned , he revoked in may 2015).

Even if a NOIR happens later and H1b gets revoked due to no amendment , will it cause any issues for current H4 status or furute visa /GC /H1 ?



If employer has not revoked your H1B petition it is their problem. You do not have to worry.

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