Perm Approved- 140 to be applied- H1B Extension


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Hi All,


Below is my scenario.


H1B Visa Expiry on -10/22/2014

PERM Applied on   -Dec-2013

PERM Approved    -Apr-2014

Returned back to India - Jul - 2014 ( As to-date 1 year outside US)


My Employer is going to apply the I-140 soon.My question is once I -140 is apporved then can I apply the extension for H1 B which expired on 10/22/2104,but did not use it fully as I left US by jul-2014.


If I can apply for an extension will I be given a 3 years extension after 140 approval?


Am I eliglible to apply for new Cap Excempt H1B? Which is  the better option?



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