Joining Client After I 140 Approved


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Currently I am working as a consultant through a small company to a bigger client. My PERM and I140 got approved by  my company. Client has offered me now, Can I join the company, is there any problem will happen to my PERM and I-140.


If I need to collect the documents from my consultancy, what are the docs I should ask them.



I have signed 2 week notice period and compensate to the amount if I am damaging anything to them.


Will it create any problem,  will the consultancy can take legal action on me.




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I have a similar situation, My 140 was approved about an year back, while with a smaller consultancy. Now I have an offer from the same client I was working for to join full time. I know for sure that there is no Non-Compete clause. 


My current H1B is expiring in Dec 2016. If I do a H1 transfer to the new company, can a exntension as well be filed together? If so will I get time beyong 2016? As I understand I need to go through PERM and 140 process again, to be able to file Extension on my current H1b as I will be beyond the 6th year on my Current H1b. So I want to understand how it will work if I do a transfer now and get only till 2016, where I need to again file an extension in the end of 2016.


Please advice

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If you are moving to a new employer and have H1B time left on your current I-94 card, but are not eligible for more time, then the new employer can file the petition for you but ask that your status be amended (not extended). This way USCIS can issue a new I-94 Card with the new employer's approval but the I-94 card expiry date would match the end-date on the last employer's I-797.

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