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Hi All - I recently got an H1B extension with an I-797 valid till Sep 2018...however I forgot (my mistake) to file my wife's H4 extension along with it. My wife's H4 visa is about to expire in September 2015 and I am planning to apply for an extension this week. Now the problem is  we are planning to Travel to India in 2nd week of October 2015. 


Given the above situation here are few related questions with which I am hurting my head with...


1   What will be my options if we don't hear a status update from USCIS even until or after the travel dates?

2   What is the current processing times for I-539 H4 status extensions?

3   Can any of you suggest any other viable options at this point?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions or remarks you may want to share.

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