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I am currently on OPT.  A consulting company applied H1-B visa for me in April-2015, last week I got to know that my Visa got approved (online status) starting Oct 1st 2015 but I am yet to get the approval documents.

However this same company  informed me that they have decided to cancel/withdraw my H1-B if i leave the company

I'd like to know if I can continue on OPT status if go to new company??


Also will i be able to transfer my current H1b without the actual approval documents??



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A company is required by law to withdraw the H1 if the person is no longer working there.

If the H1 is canceled, you continue to be in in your current status, i.e., F1. There may be some issues with SEVIS, the DSO can clear that up.

Also, the H1 would be gone, you would not be considered counted in the quota. Another employer would have to file a new H1 in next year's quota.

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