Will my USA immigration be effected because of Divorce Complaint filed by my husband in USA


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I got married to a Software Engineer working in USA on H1 B visa. Marriage was solemnized in India. Soon after 1 week of marriage, he flew back to USA promising that he’ll send documents for my H4 Visa. But he never done that. He and his family in India are harrasing me since 10 months and threatening me for divorce for which I never agreed . I filed Domestic Violence Case against my husband and his family which is ongoing now in India.In order to escape from the case and to get rid of me easily, he has filed for Divorce in USA by putting all false allegations on me. I was literally cheated by him and financially I am not in a position to defend the case in USA Court.Taking this as an advantage, he’s proceeding further.


I was told that though I defend or not, judgement is going to be in favour of him as per USA Divorce law.


In the divorce complaint, he has demanded for the following


·         Equitably distributing all assets, which were legally and beneficially acquired by the    

          parties during the marriage with due regard to any dissipation

·         Counsel fees and costs

·         For such other relief including temporary relief as may be equitable and just.


I have no properties aquired by me and I am unemployed right now.It is highly impossible for me to meet the above demands. I never travelled to USA before/after marriage.


My question is because of the divorce complaint filed by husband and for the above demands which I can never comply with will there be any negative record filed on my name that restricts my future immigration to USA ??

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Do you think will I be benefited in anyway for putting false allegations??It only incurs lot of money rounding the courts suffering mentally and physically. He has already ruined my married life and now trying to ruin my future life hitting on my career.


Kindly post something that replies my Immigration query.



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Please get hold of a competent Divorce Lawyer in India and let him guide you about Shreedhan and restitution of  conjugal rights as per Indian Law. Indian Law will do the needful and then you can inform the relevant Consulate about the disposition of the case. Domestic violence does not need to be actual physical harm. Involve family and get a Good Lawyer.

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So, why did you not immediately file a police report and filed for divorce?

If you didn't report it immediately, there would be no evidence (bruises etc.) And a she said/he said won't get you anywhere.

And why would you believe that he would send you the paperwork if there had been domestic violence from the beginning?

To me, this whole story sounds a lot like "you were/are desperate to get to the US", and now that it isn't going to happen you try to make up baseless allegations. Your story just doesn't make sense.

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Thank you pontevecchio for your valuable answer. Seems helpful.


And JoeF kindly stop debating on my issue.He's not a gateway to enter USA. I am educated too and can try for Work Visa.

How hard the situations might be, every Indian lady tries to sort the married life issues and never tries to break up the relation and face hard social consequences. I have waited patiently for many months and took a chance that he might change.Finally after losing my patience, I have approached the law.


It's easy to comment/make fun of a person's emotions and feelings but difficult to understand the pain.

If you really can't answer my query, that's fine..Kindly request you not to reply anymore as you are totally diverting.

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