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Ds 160 selected No criminal record 221g Medical check

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I had my visa interview on 6/9/2015. The interviewer just took my passport asked me a few questions and said my visa is approved. He retained my passport. I came back home, but I got an email form consulate that a 221(g) has been issued on my case and I need to get Medical Check done from panel physician and I was told to mention DUI to the physician. 


My passport is with the Consulate, but the doctor is asking me to get my passport to get the tests done. I sent an email to the consulate asking them to advise me. I havent heard from them yet for 4 days I think due to the Hardware problem going on currently.


Can I get my tests done without the passport? I heard that we can get the tests done with a govt issued ID and copy of the passport.


I had a DUI in September 2014. I pleaded guilty and I attended the classes. When I was researching the forums I came to know that DUI must be reported in the DS 160. I mentioned to the attested question as No.


Now my question is if I can change my DS 160 form. I know it is stupid on my part that I did not mention in the DS 160. But can some one please suggest if I can change my DS 160 form or if I should mention about this when I submit my medical documents when I get them. 



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