H1B too many agreements from employer, which is one is active over others?


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I am working on H1B visa since 2007 for a same employer, and got my LCA in 2010 (H1 Extension after the first three years), in which employer added a written ORAL Agreement stating there are no other agreements in place other than the ORAL Agreement [dated 5th May 2010].

Later he made me sign another document [May 10 2010] as which says addendum to Employment agreement (July 13 2007, my first offer letter acceptance date), which has a clause of reimbursement rights of the H1 filing fees.

a) Is this a violation of H1B Visa rule/LCA rule/?

b) does 2007 employment agreement overwrites the 2010 "Summary of Terms of ORAL Agreement under which Beneficiary will be employed" document?

c) Is 2010 can be considered as an employment agreement between me and my employer?

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The problem is: My employer agreed orally to join end-client while filing my H1 extension and provided me an attested (certified by an immigration lawyer) written oral agreement, stating there will be no other agreements in place, except this written orally agreed document Now when I got the opportunity to join the end-client, I have taken that offer and moving on with it. but my employer came to know this during my employment background check, conducted by the end-client.

Since that time he is harrasing me by sending legal notice, emails and etc, stating that I am breaching the 2007 contract, (My employer him self asked me sign another agreement with the client, which states they can hire me... now not sure why the greedy employer doing...)

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I have ran through the documents with an employment lawyer in TX and he advised me not worry as everything is in favor of me, but I don't know on what basis my employer is still stating that I am violating 2007 agreement?

btw: I have also took another legal advise from online (justanswer), there an NJ emploment lawyer itself reviewed 2007 noon-compete clause and informed that the clause is very overbroad hence it can't be enforced.... I am confident of this information, but my employer stopped my paycheck and hoping he won't pay the next paycheck and clear my vacation paydays.

I am planning to file a WH-4 with DOL in Texas, hence it can be fwd to NJ for further deals.. I have all the proofs that he didn't pay me when I am on bench and took off my PTOs to compensate those non-billable days, also some other abasement emails.

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