H4 Visa stamping query.


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I came to US on F2 visa back in 2013, my husband back then was on F1 (OPT); working for company X.  He got his H1B the next year (2014), sponsored by company X. I too had a COS to H4 along with him since 2014 October. He switched to a different company Y in 2015 and got his H1B transferred along with my H4. I have both of my I-797A (one from company X and the other from company Y). I am plaining to visit India next month, and hence need to get my stamping done over there. I need to know if there are any complications in my case and if so what else I need to do apart from the standard procedure mentioned below.




I am sincerely looking for some help here. Hoping to hear back soon.

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