I 140 can be transfer even if my previous company cancled my GC (i-140) processing ?


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     I have a quick question regarding break in GC processing:


I am with company A. This company does my Labor and I get my I-140 approval. After this, I decide to quit A and take a new position company B and start new GC from company B. My question is what happens to the GC process at this point:


Current status: my I -140 got approved in EB2 category and waiting my PD to be current.

1) If my employer A wants, can they terminate my GC process at this point ?

2) Company A can withdraw my I -140 (stop my perm process) ?


3) If my employer decides to terminates the GC process, what does it mean for me when I apply new GC process from company B do i need to use new PD or can i able to use the previous PD even if company A terminate the my GC process ?



Please let me know.


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