(H4 to H1) and (H4) extension in parallel


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My wife came on H4 in Dec 2014,. 


a) She got employment offer from a Company and they filed her H4 to H1 ( first time H1- in cap ), her  petition got picked up and is in process now. 


b) I am on H1 and planning to change employer, New employer has asked to do H4 extension for my wife along with my H1 transfer. 


c) if my new employer applied for her H4 extension, then my wife will have two petition with USCIS. 

 1. H4 to H1 ( will be authorized to work from Oct 2015)

 2. H4 extension. 


Question -Generally  Can her H4 extension cause any issue with her new H1 petition approval or any kind of scenario where H4 approval can make her H1 approval void.  


If therr is any impact - i will skip her H4 extension and just continue with her new H1 petition. 


Please help me out with this. 

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