Filing cap exempt and non-cap H1B together

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Currently, I am on OPT (Extension used), 29 months expiring in July this year. One of my potential employers has filed cap H1B on my behalf. I haven't heard about the 2016 lottery result.  Now, my current employer (a non-profit governmental organization) is pressing me to file H1B, which is cap exempted. 


I have a doubt that if my current organization files my H1B cap exempted application, then my pending cap H1B application will be cancelled. BTW, I want to join capped organization. Can someone help me answering the following questions-


1) Is it possible to file concurrent H1B? One cap and one cap-exempted?


2) In future, do I have a choice to select one, if both visa applications get approved?


3) Any potential hazards?


Thanks for your consideration. 

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