Affect on green card process if H1B amendment is filed


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I was hired with company A - I got my H1B transfer with company A. After certain period it was acquired by company B. Company B assumed responsibility for my H1B as successor in interest. Company B is planning to file an amendment for my H1B because my I797 notice has company A name on it. Company B also started my green card procedure, recruitment phase is over and as per my understanding they are going to file for a PERM labor certification soon.


If my company applies for the H1-B amendment will that have any effect on my green card process? Grateful for any help. Thank you. 

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I have similar situation. In my case only the client changed and not the employer. My employer has to file H1 B amendment and also initiate my green card processing. Since I'll be receiving a new i797 after amendment, shall I wait for the process to complete before applying for green card as PERM would require me to submit i797? Can my employer start both the processes simultaneously?

Also, what happens if I have to get another H1 B amendment after the green card is started?

Thank you!

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