H1b Stamping in Calgary on Apr -15'2015 .No PIMS


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Hi All,


I attended for H1B visa interview on April 15'2015 at Calgary,Canada.


Date of Interview : 15th Apr 2015


Counter 1 : They verified my information and wrote NO PIMS and gave the passport and I797.


Counter 2:

VO took my passport and I797.


Questions asked :


Who is you employer


Who is your client


What is your role and what are your responsibilities


How long have you been working at the client location


After these questions she said you are good to go, but she didnt say that my visa is approved.She took a small yellow note,wrote somthing on it, sticked it to my passport and put my passport and I797 in a basket.Then she gave me a white paper on which 'Has your Visa been approved' on it and some instructions on how to pick up documents after the visa is approved.I said thank you and left.


But now when i checked my status its still showing 'Ready'


Status as of 21 Apr'2015 -- Ready

Last update date on status -- '15 Apr 2015


I am not understanding why the status is still showing as 'Ready',its been 5 working days i attended the interview and i got stuck in Canada.


I think its due to PIMS verification.Does anyone experienced similar situtation and any idea like how long will it take for PIMS verification.When can i expect a status change.


Appreciate for any reply.















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Date of Interview  : 15- Apr-2015


As per CEAC below is the status update:



Case Creation Date: 14-Apr-2015 Status Updated Date:




and the status is showing as 'Ready'.



Your case is open and ready for your interview, fingerprints, and required documents. If you have already had your interview,

please check your status after two business days.



Right from the date of interview its showing as 'Ready' with the above message.Does this means ,will i have another round on interview?


Really confused and dont know what to do.

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Yes i sent an email to consulate to know the status and just now i got the below reply saying


"Thankyou for your inquiry,your case is not ready , we are waiting for the PIMS to respond"


So any idea like maximum how many days will the PIMS take to respond.


Appreciate your reply.

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Yes,yesterday i went to the Calgary conulate office but no one is responding correctly and when i asked the security lady overthere she asked me to come at around 2 PM and when i reached at 2 PM she took my Driving license and went inside.


After a while she returned saying "Your case is under processing.Once done you will get an email from XXX person to collect your passport".


Otherthan this she is not even willing to answer my quesitons.


Eventoday there is no update on my case in CEAC(still showing Ready which was updated on 15-Apr-2015)


Dont know how long do i need to wait.Its almost 7 business days is over.

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