Employer asked me to sign LOA and not execute payroll for last month


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I am working with Employer A since last 2 years. My project had ended on 28 Feb 2015. I got pay stub for Feb 1 to 28 Feb 2015. After that I got another project which I started from 1st April 2015. But for the month of March my employer asked me to sign Leave of Absence and he has not run the payroll for me for that month. As per my Employer he can provide Employment Verification Document for any purpose.


Now I got opportunity to company B which I need to join in the month of May and they are asking me last 3 pay stub for H1B transfer. I can provide pay stub for Feb, 2015 and April 2015 but I don't have pay stub for March.


Please clarify the follow queries:


1. How many pay stub required to transfer H1B?

2. What is the impact on my status if I am on LOA?

3. Is there any problem to transfer H1B to company B if I don't have pay stub for March month?

4. Is Employment verification document helps me to maintain my status?

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