Successful H1B Stamping in Hyderabad (Amended H1 or Client letter not asked)


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Hi All,


I had my visa interview at Hyderabad consulate today. It was amazingly cool and was with an American male VO. The list of questions I was asked are as below:


VO: Who has filed your H1B petition?

Me: Gave employer's name

VO: How many employees does your employer have?

Me: Gave the number

VO: What is your educational qualification?

Me: Told my qualification.

VO: How many years of experience do you have in total?

Me: XX number of years

VO: Ok, your visa is approved!!

Me: Thanks and have a great day!


I had all my supporting documents handy, but not a single document was asked. I did not have an amended H1, though my LCA was updated per the latest client location.


Be confident, have all your documents ready and don't fear that Hyderabad consulate is rejecting applications. All the 20-30 people I've observed before me were all granted visas.


Good luck!

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