How many days to get passport /visa back in Montreal?


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1 work day to process visa as per 




However in US embassy website FAQ  it is mentioned that TCN should not apply in Montreal.


U.S. Residents Renew Visa in Canada

I am working in the U.S. May I come to Canada to renew my work visa?

It is always best to apply for a visa in your home country. However, you may request an appointment for a visa interview at any consular office in Canada (with the exception of the Consulate in Montréal). To book an appointment for a visa interview and for information on documentation requirements, please do so through the U.S. Visa Service.

Please be aware that demand for visas from those living in the U.S. far exceeds our visa appointment capacity. It is possible that you may experience a long wait for an appointment or that no appointments may be available until others cancel their appointments.

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I do not understand this - why does he say (with the exception of the Consulate in Montréal) ?

I already booked appointment in montreal - should I change this now? please suggest.

during the process of application - there was no problem. no where did it say DO NOT apply in montreal.

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