Multiple H1B Transfers - Very Urgent


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Hi All,


Please help me  in transfer of H1-B situation from multiple employers. Thanks in Advance


Last month two companies A,B(contracting clients) has applied for transfer of my H1B & got RFE for both petitions . So after that i started looking for full-time so i got two offers from both clients C,D last week.


Client C also applied for the transfer yesterday but i got very good offer from Client D today & wanted to join Client D instead A,B,C 


Questions :


1. Can the Client D can apply for transfer of H1-B as other three clients already applied ?


2. Is there any issues if 4 companies applies for transfer of H1-B ?


3. What are the other options ?


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Thanks Jairichi.


Ok Thanks for quick reply.


I am thinking to ask Client B & C to with draw the petition has i am not going to join them.  Is this good option  ?


If 4 employers apply for transfer there is no issues is that right ?

Why B & C? Why not A & B & C? Since you have no plans to join all three. 

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