H1B Extension got denied.


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Hi All,


My h1b extension got denied from company A on March 27th 2015, initial h1 was valid till Sep 30, 2014, which was for 3 years. I believe, I am out of status. However, I got offer from company B and new h1b has been filed under premium processing. Below are my questions that needs some clarifications, please help.


1. How long is it safe to stay in US without re-precautions when I attend from new h1b consular process?

2. Is it mandatory to only visit home country for consular processing when h1b is approved without i94?

3. What sort of explanation/excuse would be appropriate to clarify my extended stay in US after denial? Basically, I took time to clear up my liens, lease agreements, sell my car, background check for new employment, so on..

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1. Don't go beyond 180 days of I94 expiry. You will be imposed 3 years ban to enter in US.

2. While asking you for consular processing, USICS will mention you the name of consulate to visit for H1b stamping. Generally its nearest to your home country address.

3. Truth.

(Keep in loop your attorney, they are the ones going to support you in any unwanted circumstances) 

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