EAD Renewal Delay - how to activate expired H1B with previous employer


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Below is the background of my case:


My EAD card expired couple of days back, the renewal is taking time with TSC (now around 60 day point)..made request to expedite case under severe financial loss category...they are considering now but, it would still take around 45 days to process...


Meanwhile I am exploring my options to activate my expired H1B applied by previous employer (6 year expiry was around 09/2014). I am with current employer since 09/2013 using my EAD which had an expiry date of early April 2015. I am on AOS with priory date around 02/2010 under EB2 category. I utilized AC21 when I changed the employer in 09/2013. Now, I am looking to activate my expired H1b applied by previous employer with the current employer so that I come under quota exempt ...




How do I do this (activate H1b) and What are my options ....


Does doing this anyway jeopardize my pending AOS and priority date etc. ?


Do I need to leave the country to do this ? any other things to consider..


Appreciate your suggestions/comments. thank you.




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