EAD approved, but not delivery!! what should I do?


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Hi gurus here my case:

I applied on Dec 22 for my EAD

CPO on March 18

EAD approval letter on March 22

EAD approval letter received on March 29

No cards until today

After 30 days, that mean today, I Call USCIS and they said. Card was dispatched on MArch 22, sorry but nothing we can do it, if the card back to us we going to let you know.

What happened if the card is not going back to USCIS and is not delivery to me?

I have to apply again and wait 3 more months, please anyone on the same boat?

Any way we can call to high level officer and try get infopass? they still stamp interim card?

please any help will be appreciate


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Hi Alaxandre

Congrats on your card. Wanted to ask a qtn:

my EAD application got approved on 1st June ( receipt date 3rd march) and the application status was CPO till 2nd June morning. On evening I see the status changed from CPO to Post decision activity.

The comment says that we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I765 APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION.

Please let me know if this status change happened for your case as well or not.



Originally posted by Alexandre:

EAD arrive today

After 120 days


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