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I am working with same employer who has sponsored my green card for more than 1 year and 2 months. I have done research on this topic how soon you can leave your employer some people say wait till 6 months, some say leaving next day is not a problem. Can you pls. suggest me by reading below if I leave my employer now will it be a problem during citizen ship process? My intention is to make naturalization process smoother?


Little back ground. I am working in EVVC model. After my green card was approved. my employer was not paying me prevailing wage. I requested him to start paying me prevailing wage as it is required by law that after your green card has been approved employer has to start paying prevailing wage ( I wrote this to him via e-mail so I have some proof but he got mad/upset on me that I don’t need to write these kind of emails. If I have any issues I should call him instead of writing emails). On phone employer told me as he is getting less hourly rate from (Vendor) so he cannot pay me prevailing wage as he cannot afford. My employer asked me to talk to vendor for rate increase. I called Vendor and requested him to increase my hourly pay rate so my employer can start paying me prevailing wage but vendor told me the same story ( less rate blah blah.. although the rate was not less as client told me what he is paying to vendor. They were just eating 50% of the hourly rate). My employer and vendor were not listening to me. So finally I talked to client and informed him the same story that I got my green card and now my employer and vendor are giving me hard time ( I told him everything what is prevailing wage, what my employer is paying to me, what I am getting bi-weekly). As client was very happy with my work. So he listen to whole issue and was ready to help me in every possible way. He raised my pay rate to the amount my employer wants in order to start paying me prevailing wages.


(Note: after all this client has stop doing business with Vendor. Now he (client) is doing business with other Vendors )


After all these issues and efforts. My employer started paying me prevailing wage but he cut all my benefits ( holidays etc, and also increased my insurance premium. He said now you will be working with us on percentage basis ( benefits are for full time people only). My employer did not told me that I will be hourly basis once the rate will be increased. He said i can give you prevailing wage now as your rate is increased but I cannot afford to provide benefits. I wrote an email to my employer regarding benefits but HR replied we can afford to provide benefits with this pay rate. My intention was to stay with my employer who has sponsored my green card (otherwise I would have left him at that time only). I did all the struggle on my behalf to increase my rate so I can stay with my employer. Even after all these efforts he started cutting all my benefits (put me on percentage basis) but still I am working with him to make my citizen ship process smoother.


Now I think it is too much and I want to move forward for some better opportunity


Can you think I can move on? I just want to make my naturalization process smoother. Even current vendor wants to hire me on the same position as a full time employee. Client also wants to hire me as a full time but right now there are no open positions available so he is asking me to wait patiently.


I need your advices and suggestions before I can take any decision. Sorry for this long post and thanks for taking time out and reading this.




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