H-1B visa transfers to multiple employers.


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Hi All,


I am working with a company 'A' and got an offer form company 'B' who is ready to transfer H-1B visa. But, I am expecitng another offer from company 'C' which is a better opportunity. So, If I get offer from company 'C' after iniitating the paper work (H-1B visa trasnfer) from employer 'B', do I need to wait till the visa transfer process is done from employer 'B' or else can I start paper work (H-1B visa transfer) if so do I need to submit Receipt notice from employer 'B'  or else just Employer 'A' I-797 is sifficient ?


Also, If I get offer from employer 'C' as soon as I moved to Employer 'B', in order to transfer H-1B to employer 'C', do I need to submit I-797 from employer 'B' too though I don't have payroll run from employer 'B' as it's just 1 -2 week. ??

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Company B and C can submit H-1 petition at hte same time using company A I-797.

If you get offer from employer 'C' as soon as you moved to Employer 'B use paystubs from employer A.  You will not have approval notice for employer B if it is not applied in premium.

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