H1B transfer while on OPT and H1B withdrawal


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I am currently on F1 Visa. My OPT starts on June 15. I have an offer with company A (Date of joining June 15) has filed my H1B on April 1, 2015. I have 12 months of OPT and 17 months of extension after that. Right now, I am NOT employed with any firm.


I got another job offer from company B and want to join it. Company B can't file my H1B because now it's too late. 


In case, my application is picked in lottery this year and approved by USCIS, can I still start my employment with company B on June 22. If that is the case, would there be a problem when my status changes on October 1st.


As per my research, If my lottery is picked, I can't join company B. So now my second question is - If I ask company A to withdraw my visa application before even lottery is done, can I still join company B on OPT?


What are my options to join company B regardless of the fact that my H1B is successful or not this year?


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