H4 Visa Stamping on Bahamas


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Hi - I have my dependent in H4, where their visa expired on jan 26th. Due to the miss communication my company didnt apply for the H4 Extension. So, my dependent are in illegal status for past 2 months. I have 2 option here., 


1. Apply for nunc-pro-tunc

2. Go out of country and come back.


Please suggest me which is the safe option.


Can i got bahamas for stamping, if so, to apply bahamas visa do i need valid US visa ? Please suggest.

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Had exact same problem few days back, we also realized after two months. My h4 dependent went to India for stamping and visa was approved.

No questions were asked regarding out of status or why extn was not filed timely. We honestly mentioned what happened in DS-160.

only primary h1 details were asked like - company name, salary , role and how long i was working from.( I'm a FTE)


Be truthful, answer honestly and carry all proper documents. You should be good.

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