H1B - Never travelled US, New Employer change


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I have my H1B visa issued on Sep 2014 and valid till Sep 30, 2015. I am not seeing any US openings with my current employer, say X. I understand from this forum that there is no H1 transfer concept but the employer change. Below are my questions.


1) Is it possible for a new employer Y from India or US file a new H1 petition and can use this Visa so that I can travel to US from employer Y?

2) If yes, should I need to go for stamping again or not? And what are the required documents to be carried while travelling? 

3) If there is no stamping needed and the approval notice of my new employer's h1 petition is approved(as my visa is valid till sep 30, 2015), what documents the US immigration will ask at the port of entry to allow me work in US?




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