Change of Employer in DS-160

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Hi Everyone,


I have a question. My current H1-B visa stamp has expired on my passport. I am planning to travel to Vancouver to get my stamping renewed. I have learnt that I cannot book an appointment until I fill in the DS-160 and submit the application. 

Let's say I am working with an employer 'A' and fill the DS-160 and get an appointment.

In the time between when I book the appointment (march 2015)  and the actual date of appointment ( May/june 2015) if I change jobs, which means my employer now is 'B' and not 'A'.


1) Should I cancel my appointment and submit a new DS-160 with new employer details. Considering it all fresh application? and go through the entire process of booking a new appointment.

2) Or is there a work around and we can fill other forms or change the exisiting DS-160

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