How do I know if I was ten printed?


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Hi all,


I got my visa stamping done in December 2011 @ HYD VFS office. I do not recall giving finger prints in HYD VFS office. However, I am sure I gave 10 prints at the port of entry (@ airport while entering in to US). Does that mean they have my finger prints on file? I am visiting India soon and I plan to use dropbox (i am eligible). Should I answer yes/no for fingerprints question in DS 160 form? 

Is there a way I can check if they have my fingerprints on file?



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If I say no, I will have to go to biometric center? book appointment ? I dont think they have biometric center at Bangalore so I will have to go to Chennai or HYD.


I am in India for a short time period and would like to avoid biometric "if it is not needed". Please advice.

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