Ottawa - Successful stamping 03/30/2015


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I attended the appointment today 03/30/2015 at 8 AM


I was asked two questions.


1) So you are working for XXX company, How long you have been with them?

2) What were you working before XXX and why did you change your employer?


He didnt ask much, as soon as I start answering the questions he has taken the white slip that contains the details to track the passport and said "your visa was approved and you can get the passport in 3 days".


I am with the leading Health insurance company and working as full time employee.


All the process took just 15 minutes (including security check and interview).


Right after I came out from embassy, I checked my status, it says Administrative Process. Dont panic, Its normal that every one status will be changed to Administrative Process after the interview, then after 3 hours, it changed to Issued.






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