H1B visa renewal - extension


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Initially I was on L1B visa (Apr 2007- Sep 209), later I got my fresh H1b visa on 1st OCT 2009 under the new H1B Cap and its going to expire on 26 Dec 2015.
I was outside of USA for 16 months(Oct 2012 to Feb 2014) in my 6 years of H1B status.

Here I have questions on my stay 


Is my 6 years stay includes both L1B Visa and H1B visa statuses or only H1B status?


If USCIS will consider only H1B visa status, should I stay till April 2017? because I got my H1B in Oct 2009 and was outside of USA for 16 months.


If USCIS will consider both L1B and H1B visa statuses then my total 6 years stay will get complete by 26 Dec 2015, hence is there any option for me to continue my stay after 26 Dec 2015 also?


Please reply me on this.




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