Green Card a fake

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I hope someone can give me some information, I could not find a topic for my problem.

My daughter married a man from Mexico about 2 years ago, back in June they had a baby, once that baby arrived his family have been very hard to get along with they do not speak to us and they all live just 2 houses down from us. I found out that the husband and his parents are Illegal, they all work, have cars, there own house and 2 businesses that are not registered. The husband has filed for a divorce and wants custody of the baby and have my daughter pay him child support, she does not work because she had to quit her job due to the baby has special needs, he has been in and out of the hospital for more than half his life and the husband is one of these macho men that think that there is womens work and mens work and will not help her to do anything. My daughter has found some documents that I think are fake, by the way she stays with us now, the husband has a green card, we know he is Illegal but he has a green card that I believe is fake, it says he has been a permanent resident since 2004, he was born in 91, this means he was 13 at that time, the card expires in 2017, this means he got it in 2007 because it is a 10 year card, the category is IR6 meaning he was approved because he was the spouse of a US citizen, this would make him only 16 years old and the spouse of a US citizen. His name is spelled correct at the top of the card but not spelled correct at the bottom, the 13 digit number that begins with 3 letters does not come up on the USCIS check case status web site, and the number begins with CHI, I cannot find any info on CHI, my wifes card begins with LIN for the Nebraska service center. Can anyone steer me in the right direction, what can we do.

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