Urgent : Multiple H1-B transfer related


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Hi All,


I have a simple query,if anyone can help me on that.


I live outside USA. I have an H1-B approved petition from company 'A' outside USA. However before getting H1-B visa stamped I had left the company and joined company 'B' outside USA. Now while working in company 'B' I got an offer from company 'C'  and an H1-B transfer of the  approved  H1-B petition from Company 'A' was done by company 'C'. I  am stamped and good to go now to join company 'C'.

However, before travelling to USA and joining company 'C' , I  got another offer from company 'D'.

so, now can an H1-B transfer be done on top of the approved petition and visa of company 'C'.

I have not yet joined company 'C' and hence donot have any recent paystubs via company 'C'.



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