PLEASE help me to check this waiver timeline


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Hi guys, 
Can someone pls check if my timeline is normal? It's says still Pending. So worried. I am about to lose my job offer if I don't get the waiver in a few days. This is my 7th week after the NOS was received.
No Objection Statement Received February 12, 2015
Fee                                 Received January 13, 2015
Form DS-3035                Received January 13, 2015
Form DS-2019                Received January 13, 2015
Passport Data Page        Received January 13, 2015
Statement Of Reason     Received January 13, 2015
Other                              Received January 13, 2015
More questions:
2. How can I make sure that the DoS didn't send something like funding source memo or other requests?
3. Will company's immigration firms usuablly be happy with the 'DoS favorable recommendation', or do they need to see the final waiver from the USCIS? 


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