Successful stamping in Matamoros on 26 March


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I have been silent follower of this forum and it helped me a lot in preparing for my case.

Me and my wife(H4) got stamped on March 26th, we used Salvador's service which as usual proved to be useful as language is a bigger barrier here since hardly any English spoken.



My ASC appointment was a blooper for me as  i had a spelling mistake in my DS-160 and was asked to submit a whole new DS-160 which i did and remaining was done in 15 minutes.


My Consulate appointment went smooth questions asked were:

1.Which company you work for?

2.What is your highest education?


No questions asked to H4


Asked my latest W2 and issued a visa, He then asked me to collect passport at 3.00 pm same day which i did with out any delay, by 3.45 I am at border post where you have to get your I-94 and make sure you have 6 dollars in exact change, Total time at border will be around 1 hour.


Got i-94 and back in Brownsville by 5.00 pm.

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Thank you for sharing your experience. I have been thinking about going to Matamoros for my H1B visa renewal but have been discouraged by the law and order situation south of the border.

Can you share any tips besides the obvious (i.e. not to draw attention by flashing money/jewellery or expensive gadgets around, not to move around after dark, etc.)?

Does/can the gentleman you mentioned in your post pick people up from the border crossing (for an additional fee) or do we have to take a cab from (and to) the border?


Thanks in advance.

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@Laconic, Yes Salvador will pick up near the border in Brownsville, USA and take us to his hotel in Matamoros, Mexico crossing the border. We are mostly confined to Hotel rather than going out as we know the security situation.

My suggestion is to stay in hotel all time except for interview and documents dropoff. You will be fine and also there is a heavy military presence all over the town.

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