Got 221g with Client A for employer A. Can i reappear for VISA STAMPING with Client B for employer A


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Hi All,


Please help me in this. I am helpless.



I am working for MNC company in India. I attended my VISA STAMPING interview on 24th Feb, 2015, chennai for CLIENT A- EMPLOYER1. I got 221g asking for Client invitation letter and SOW for which client is not willing to provide.


Hence i am planning to reappear for STAMPING interview with CLIENT B-EMPLOYER1.


Client B-Employer1 : Client who has initially raised H1b-cap for me.(LCA, I-129-available)

Client A-Employer1 : Client who has raised Amendment Request. H1-b amendment petition-for same role. Hence they provide me new LCA and Work authorisation letter.


Here is my question,

1. Can i reappear for stamping interview with same employer(Employer 1) but with different client(Client B) as i m holding 221g with other client(Client A).


2. Do i need to cancel my h1b stamping application (DS160 or stamping application holding 221g), if yes how do i need to do?

Note: My manager asked me to cancel my old H1b stamping application by sending mail to US consulate



Thanks in advance.


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