H1 transfer- travel on old H4?


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I am working on H1 extension with company A also on I-485 pending status . We have h1 stamped until end of 2016. Now company B is offering a job and ready to do H1transfer . My son has an internationl trip planned from school this summer. All  he needs is a valid 6 months visa stamped on her passport.

If i accept the job and do H1 transfer with company B

1) Should i apply for H4 transfer/apply for new H4 wih company B for my son?

2) Can he take the summer trip on his stamped h4 visa or does he have to go and get his visa stamped from Canada or somewhere?


Appreciate your valued input.





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Thank you. So I don't have to apply for a new H4(even though it was from company A)  for my son until it expires?

If his I94 is valid he is fine to stay in US based on your H1B status. If he has a valid H4 visa (even though from old employer) he just needs a copy of your I797 to enter US.

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