What happens if you leave US after an approved I-140, does it expire?

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I'm on my 6th year of H1-B. My PERM was filed in 2014 (EB-3) and I got an approved I-140 in November 2014. My company is shutting down, they told me that my visa will expire on August 1st as that would be the last day of my employment. I couldn't find a job in the US, so I accepted a new job in Australia. If I find another job back in the US in 2-3 years, can I use the same H-1B number to renew my H1-B (for 3 more years) when I want to return based on the fact that I had an approved I-140 in 2014? And once I have my new H-1B, can I use the same priority date from the previous PERM application (March, 2014) for a new green card application?

Is there a limit to how many years this approved I-140 is in effect, or does it expire/get canceled once I leave the country or in a matter of a few years unless further action is taken?
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