India travel on OPT after H1b is approved


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Hi All,


I am on OPT right now and applying H1b this April. I still have OPT extension till Dec 2016. I am working fulltime for a client and client can provide all the documents needed for travel.


My question is can I travel to India for my marriage and come back before Oct 1st after H1b approval?



Anyone please answer this question as it changes my plans to apply for H1 b this year.



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I am in a similar situation. I have opt valid till dec2015. I know that I can travel out of country and re enter using my f1status with my h1b approval in hand (which hopefully I will get this year in June). My question is can I go for h1 stamping at home country and still enter US on f1 opt status in the month of July/August? Will this have any consequences on the change of status from f1 to h1b taking effect on oct 1st ?

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