Have a VISA stamped with company A, Company B is filing H1B transfer. I am out of USA, can I travel to USA with Company A visa stamping?


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I have a H1B approved and VISA stamped with Company A, but never travelled to USA.


Company B is willing to transfer my H1B, if the petition gets approved, then ....


1. Can I travel to USA with the VISA stamping that I have from Company A?




2. Do I need to go for VISA stamping again with Company B approval?


3. If I can travel on Company A visa, what do I need to list in form I-129?


4. Should I select notify consulate or port of entry or pre flight inspection in Part 4, processing information of I-129 form?




5. Do I need to leave this section as Not applicable.


Appreciate your valuable suggestion on this.


Thank you


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