I140 Rejected (Masters from non-accredited college)


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Hi All,


My employer applied my GC under EB2 category and my labour was approved on time but

it took way long to get decision on my I140 which was denied as i did my masters from

from  university which was not accredited till Dec 2014.Now it got its accrediation.But when i finished my masters that time it was not accrediated.


             My employer is planning to file new petition under EB2 cateogry with 5 years of experience.But my question is does same employer experience counts? As i am with same

employer since day one.


             Can i use my old priority date?



             Can i apply two GC petitions at same time with different employers one under

             EB2 and other under EB3? 



            I  still have 21/2 yrs to finish my 6yrs of H1.


Please advise.      



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So you went to that fraud in San Jose...

The old PD is gone because the I-140 wasn't approved.

Experience in the same company would only count if the GC job is at least 50% different from the current job.

Trying shady things as you seem to still want to do will only result in another denial.

You can expect any application be scrutinized, due to this stuff with a fake university.

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Thx JoeF.


 BTW i didnt do any fraud like working under CPT etc....I attended college reguarly and all the time i was staying

 in same place which is near to university.I joined this university as fee was little bit less compare to my university.

 And ended up in this kind of trouble.Any way i was just checking if i have any options if not i am okay to

go back to my country.


Thx a lot for your time.

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As you found out the hard way, this "saving fees" stuff ended up costing you dearly. A good education costs money. There is no shortcut with "saving fees."

As I said, you can expect any application to be scrutinized, because this is now in your file.

Stay away from consulting companies, go for EB3, and don't try shady things like a fake EB2 application.

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