GC EB 2 Qualification ...am I eligible for EB2

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I am on H1B visa in USA since Feb2013, my employer is ready to  file for my GC application in EB2, below are my Qualification details, Need to know based upon my academic and work experience, can my case qualifies for  EB2 GC application.


1.Bachelor in Commerce form India (B.com) 3 years - Yr- 2001,

2.Bachelor in Law from India (LLB) Yr- 3 years 2007,

3.Partly Master in law -1 year, 2 - semester complete out of total 4 semester. (LLM) - Yr- 2011.

4.Fellowship from Insurance Institute of India. (2 & 1/2 years) (Diploma in Insurance)- Yr- 2007.

5.Paneled Insurance Surveyor & Loss Assessor. 1 year (certification from Insurance institute) 2009. - 

6.Jobs experience India - 10+ years in Corporate Banking and compliance sector.

7 Job experience USA -    02+ years as International coordinator for Accounts and Compliance.

8.Computer Skill - Diploma in Computer Application- 2 years – 2005.


Please check and confirm whether my case for GC in EB2 is stand-able & if it get’s denied will it be transferred to EB3 application automatically.


Please advise.

Thanks in advance,




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Attorney can assess if it is EB2 qualified based on position requirements and relevant experience. Your qualifications do not matter.

If law degree is not required for the current job that education will not be considered. similarly job experience unrelated to  your GC case will not be considered.

EB2 denial cases do not get transferred automatically. It is not the job of DOL to decide which category is appropriate. They only decide if the category you have used in your application is justified or not.

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