Application for Green Card - Spouse

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Hello Legal experts an other forum users,


I am in a bit of dilemma and I was hoping if someone can guide me or give me some inputs. 


I am currently a GC holder, and going through my naturalization process. I have completed my biometrics and just waiting for an acknowledgement letter/and or the final interview date for my naturalization (which i'm anticipating to be around September/October).


My plan is:


My fiance will be coming to visit (Japanese national and resides currently in Japan) this April, and I am planning on getting  court married while she is here, so that I could immediately apply for her GC once I have my citizenship.


My question is:


1. Since I have already applied for my citizenship as a single filling application, what are the implications on this? 

2. Would I have to make changes to my N-400 to change it to "married" status and re-apply? notify them?

3. If true for question 2 above, will this push my dates back or delay the process?

3. From question 2 above  - is this something they may ask me during my interview and change it themselves? if so, what would be the documents I would need to present to them?

4. Is it true that she will need to be in Japan while her green card is in process, when i do apply for it?


Any suggestions or inputs on this?


In general, what would be the process for a person who is undergoing naturalization (and filled as single) and got married during the process? 


Any help is greatly appreciated!


Thanks for your time.



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She is a Japanese national/citizen so her visa is exempt. 


Perhaps I made the question overly complicated. :-S


Essentially all I would like to know is:


- What is needed/done for people who have applied for citizenship (who initially filled on a single filling status) & got married during the process? 


At the end of the day, I would need to notify USCIS or the immigration officer that I had a change in my life i.e getting married. However I don't know if this is something the officer will ask me or I will need to notify USCIS to update them once i get married so my N-400 is changed accordingly. 


Any thoughts?



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Once you become a Citizen you can file for your wife's green card with proof of Marriage. Nothing called notifying USCIS. If your future wife comes over on an actual tourist visa which is possible, then you could get married and file for her GC. As an USC they will overlook the fact that she came on a tourist visa, assuming they are convinced of the genuine nature of the Marriage.. But I suspect coming on a visa free status will make this scenario unlikely. You can get married when she visits and file for her GC. It would take about 6 months from the time you apply for her IV interview at the Embassy after which she can come over. Two Possibilities. Having a Lawyer onboard would make the process painless. Congrats.

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