F1 and I-485


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-I came to US on B-2 visa( 07/09/2014) .


-Got married in Raleigh, NC (10/10/2014)


-Applied for COS on (11/21/2014) to  F-1 VISA. With I120 start date as 5th-jan-2015


-Got F-1 visa approved on (03/12/2015). The I120 start date in SEVIS was pushed to 03/16/2015 by the university.


-Meanwhile my husband's labor (EB2) got approved and He is about to apply for  I-140,Currently  he is  working on EAD from Previous Labor( EB3) priority date( June 20 2006)   ,  We  are looking to Port Priority date from EB3 labor to EB2 ( By doing so , It will become Current for EB2 labor )



I  have under mentioned questions:


1-What are my options? MY priority is to get through my I-485 without any issues.


2-I understand that it will be another couple of months (May) before the my husband can apply for i-485 for me. Can i defer my school start date to May (next session) without any problem to the i-485 request?


3-I read in some forums that you need to have 3 months in status to be safe for the i-485 request. Is this true? any other concerns?


4-The university that i have i120 is far from my husbands place. Is it possible to get new I120 from a college close by? Is it possible to transfer the college later after joining? I am trying to see my options


I understand this is a complex situation but wanted to know all my options before i can make a decision. 


Thank you all in advance.


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