Visit Visa Extension for my Mother.


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I am in a process of becoming a US citizen, I am done with my Naturalization Test and Interview now just waiting for my Oath Ceremony Letter from USCIS.  I have heard that it sometimes take a longtime to get your Oath done so I dont know when I will be done.


My Mother has visited us 4 times here, she is still here with us these days but this time I want to apply for her Green Card as soon as I get my Certificate in the Oath Ceremony. Her Six months Stay will be expiring at the end of next month.  


1. Do you think she will be granted a stay for another six months ? because I am just waiting on my oath ceremony I do have the document from USCIS saying that I have completed my test and interview and I have been approved.


Please get back to me with answer or advice I would really appreciate it.  Thanks !

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Applying for an extension with out valid reason will lead to denial of extension. If she leaves after denial her visitor visa is void and it will be tough to get a visa to US.


Thanks for your reply but since I mentioned in my original post that my citizenship is in process as soon as I get it I will sponsor her, dont you think it is a valid reason for extension ?

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Ok Thanks !  can you also tell me what forms I need to file to apply for her green card ? Is there any other form except I-485 I need to submit ?



I-130. Since you don't seem to know anything about this, I suggest you get a lawyer.

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