COS(Change of Status) - L1 to H1


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  My case details.


 I came to US on L1-B status on Feb 2012 for company A. and applied H1 for company B on May-2012 in premium, got approved on may 2012 itself, I went to India in August 2012 and returned to US in August 2012 on L1 status (because my H1 will get effect from October 2012). I came to payrol of company B using my new H1 on October 2012, since then, I was working for company B and i got 140 approved by company B. In 8 months my H1 will expire and willing to apply for H1 extension now through the same company B.


I have following questions:


1. Do i required to apply COS(change of status) from L1 to H1 ? after moved to company B ?. I did not applied for COS as i don't know whether i need to apply or not. if I need to apply, Can i apply now ? when can i apply, before H1 extension ? or while applying for H1 extension or  after extension ?


2. How soon i can apply for H1 extension in premium processing ? Can i apply now (Even though 8 months there for my H1 to expire) ?


Thank you.

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