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My wife already has her H4 visa stamped on her passport. We applied for COS and now she is on F1. Now with the new H4 EAD rule, we want to switch back her status to H4. What is the best way of doing it? Should we submit another COS for F1 to H4? If we do that how long would it take.


Or the other option could be that she travels outside the US and enters back using her H4 visa. Is it advisable to do so? Will that change her status to H4 now? Can this cause any problems later on for green card or any other thing.


Please advise.






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Hello Jairichi and others,


My wife is also in a similar situation but she has her F1 visa stamped along with the previous H4 visa (which was not cancelled when the F1 was stamped).  Will she have to go back to India to get a new H4 stamp to be considered as an H4 and avail the EAD services?


If she needs to change her status, can she do it in in the middle of the semester (she is in her final semester)?




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